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Hi my name is Alex and i make dumb posts about SPG.

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Don’t let the bullies win. Report.

Don’t let them get under your skin. Report.

Don’t let a blog that allows mockery of suicide continue. Report.

Don’t let a blog hurt you and emotionally damage and taunt you. Report.

Don’t let a blog be part of the problem of encouraging abusive threats sent to your business email. Report. 

Don’t let the ones you love be ignored when they beg a bully not to mock Isabella’s suicide threats. Report.

reporting guidelines here.

being upset over changes doesn’t make you a bad fan

crying/being emotional/even angry doesn’t make you a bad fan

voicing your opinions about changes doesn’t make you a bad fan

being a rude little shit to band members and others because you can’t be mature enough makes you a bad fan.

In poetry class the prompt was “you were my battery” and i accidentally wrote a sad thing about a robot



You were my battery
You were my spark
You got me running
when i wouldn’t start

You kept me going
I kept you warm
We both had each other through sun and through storm

I watched you grow up
From young into old
A child once happy
Now seems so cold

When i would break down
You made me feel new
But now you wont wake
So I’ll rust with you

My heart tho

(Source: edens-blog)


things to say during sex:

  • keep those legs high
  • breathe through your mouth and nose
  • excellent form
  • the grasshopper becomes the dandelion
  • people are so impressed now
  • break it down





It’s like stale movie theater popcorn, with an excess amount of butter flavoring

Its like a freshly plucked blonde unibrow

How many of you folks at home have eve-ever been in love? Show of hands!